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At Think+ Make we've created a different kind of agency. Rather than spend money on expensive office space, Persian rugs and ping-pong tables, we've formed a gig agency. What does that mean? It means we use the Hollywood production model, curating the best talent for your brand from anywhere in the world. We have a vast contact list and just a few people in our office that we consider key players.


What this means for you is more agility, better thinking and less overhead. Gone are the glacial timelines. Gone is your brand getting handed off to junior teams and with it gone are the mediocre ideas. 

We think it's a better way to operate and we think you will too.



What gets us up in the morning? A true belief in the power of ideas.


We are creators through and through which means we believe creativity can not only produce better, more effective brand stories, but can solve any business challenge no matter how difficult. We start everyday with this belief, which some call hopelessly optimistic. We call it what makes us tick. 



We believe that the success of any organization, or the entire world for that matter, relies on the ability to create new, beautiful and wonderful things, Whether that takes the form of a sculpture, a painting or an invention that saves the planet. We believe that there is not enough emphasis on beauty and creativity and yet, those are the things that help solve tough problems and make the world a better place.


To that end, a portion of every dollar we make is donated to the arts to help teach, encourage and mentor creativity. If you're part of an arts or creative organization who'd like our help, please contact us. 

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