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Rebranding: Can cheese be an adventure? 

Roth Cheese creates award winning cheeses but the problem was they were a house of brands. Our charge was to recreate the brand architecture to a branded house. 

We began by integrated the package design into one coherent look which helped create a unified brand at the deli counter. 

We then found the brand story, which existed in the product itself. Roth's elevated taste profiles suggested a brand that appealed to adventurous foodies. People who are always searching for the next thing to excite their palate. An Explorer story was hatched. The campaign raised distribution by 24%. 

A brand film helped define the vibe of the brand. Entirely differentiated from any other cheese brand. 


The website leaned into the food adventure story with recipes and content. 

We created a brand experience with an interesting food truck that gave out free samples and got tons of social media buzz.

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