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At Think+ Make we've created a different kind of agency. Rather than spend money on expensive office space, Persian rugs and ping-pong tables, we've formed a gig agency. What does that mean? It means we use the Hollywood production model, curating the best talent for your brand from anywhere in the world. We have a vast contact list and just a few people in our office that we consider key players.


What this means for you is more agility, better thinking and less overhead. Gone are the glacial timelines and bullshit meetings. Gone is your brand getting handed off to junior teams and with it gone are the mediocre ideas. What suddenly appears is thinking that creates famous brands.

We think it's a better way to operate and we think you will too.



What gets us up in the morning? A true belief in the power of ideas.


We are creators through and through which means we believe creativity can not only produce better, more effective brand stories, but can solve any business challenge no matter how difficult. We start everyday with this belief, which some call hopelessly optimistic. We call it successful marketing.




Stories have been used for thousands of years to convey wisdom, entertain and engage people. Why? Stories are memorable and repeatable from person to person. This makes a story the most powerful way to convey a message. One that can be told again and again across every medium.

At Think & Make we use a tried and true system to discover your brand story by using a magic combination archetypes and personality. 

People carry your brand story as a prop to tell the world who they are. This deep emotional need is manifested as an archetype. This connection to people is powerful. 

Personality is how people recognize your brand via voice, colors and the way it acts. It provides consistency to your brand over time and becomes a guiding light for virtually everything you do.

We use a combination of powerful online tools, plain, old-fashioned observation and intuition to find the truth. The result is the creation of a brand that's alluring, resonant and creates fame with people. 



An organizing idea helps a brand tell your unique brand story across multiple mediums. With the fractionalization of media and the speed at which things need to be created, an organizing idea is valuable for creating a consistent voice across multiple touchpoints. 

We differ from many other brand strategists and agencies  in our ability to not only uncover a powerful strategic insight but our ability to understand how to put that insight to work. 

No more worthless Powerpoints that get filed deep in your company's server farm or binders that end up collecting a layer of dust on a shelf someplace. Instead we simplify and remove the bullshit so you have an organizing idea with actionable creative elements that make your brand strategy come to life. 



An advertising campaign used to be three print ads, a radio spot, maybe some outdoor and if you had deep pockets, some television. 

Now it has become something else. It has to live on phones, on your Amazon page in social media as well as the old-school media. 

In the flurry of creating ideas for all these touchpoints, we see a lot of stuff out there that we feel is just plain lazy and completely  ineffective. Creative that lacks an idea, is forgettable, or even worse, isn't even cogent. We believe there's still fundamental craft that needs to be applied to any campaign. It still needs to create emotion. It still needs to tell a story. It still needs to move people to action and create memory structures. We work hard to create advertising that people remember, and is connected to the brand story. 

Is it harder to do this? You bet. But if everyone could do it, everyone would be doing it. 



How you tell your story is an important part of your brand strategy. Both to your customers and the people who work for you. We work hard to make compelling emotional content that affects people's hearts. And if you have their hearts, you have their heads. Check out our collection of brand videos and see how we've used  video content to create messages that set brands down on solid ground, sway opinions and change minds. 


We start every project with a solid brand strategy. This includes knowing your competitive set, brand positioning, archetype, personality, mission and vision. You may already have a pretty good idea where your brand strategy stands. We're not into reinventing wheels and will gladly use any information you have. 

That said, often brands have a bucket-full of research and data and still very little idea of what their brand really means. We're happy to start at any entry point and proceed from there. We extract the bullshit, throw it in the garbage and distill your brand down to an idea that at least has a pretty good shot at bringing you fame (notice, we believe in underpromising) . Whether you're a startup and are tabula rasa or you're a mature brand and know where you're going but just don't know how to get there.  

Wherever you stand we approach brand strategy with intelligent naivety. Meaning we act like we know nothing. This allows us to see past the category tropes and invent a strategy that is truly distinctive. 


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