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We're specialists in creating brands and a key part of that is creating the mood of the brand. We've found that producing a brand manifesto and bringing the brand to life in a video is the best way to do that. 

BOB Gear is a stroller company who hired us to completely rebrand the as an outdoor adventure company. We leveraged their heritage with kids but expanded it to a more adventurous place. 

Homedics makes massagers and sleep machines. Their original branding was around a "spa in your home," but after some primary research we discovered people actually used the products simply to get ready for tomorrow. The archetype changed from the Caregiver to the Hero and the rebranding created a much more resonate place for them to play. 

Common Ground Health Care is a classic challenger brand going up against big health insurance companies. 

The Madison Chamber of Commerce hired us to rebrand Madison. Research showed that people who are attracted to the city are younger people who are seeking a more interesting experience.  

We did a series of three videos to help Remington explore strategic direction and taglines. We've found the often using video content to explore the organizing idea space rather than simply raw taglines. 

The first one is called Limitless You. 

The second one is called Own the Day.

This one is called Get Ready.

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