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Making a stroller stand for exploration and adventure.

BOB Gear makes the Jeep of strollers. They're tough as nails but also priced like a Range Rover. Our challenge was to find the story the brand could tell that made it more than a way to get kids from point A to point B. We found parents want to raise kids that love the outdoors, BOB Gear became the Explorer archetype, which differentiated them from other stroller brands and gave them a compelling story and  point-of-view. 


The logo and identity was updated to reflect the

new archetype.


A manifesto for consumer trade shows launched the new brand.

BOB_Magic Lab Idea_01-2019_FINAL 6.jpg

One of the major competitors for BOB is themselves. They simply don't wear out so the secondary market actually cuts into their sales. We developed a trade-in campaign to help alleviate this problem. 

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