People are drawn to brands that help them tell their story to the world. 


At Think+Make we discover what story your consumer wants to tell by using an archetypical strategic model. We then then develop an organizing creative idea to align your brand with the consumer's archetypical needs. 

Brands aligned with a single archetype perform 66% better against competitors.


It's powerful branding mojo and it works.


Check out how we've done this for brands like yours.   




Tricalm was a new-to-the-world anti-itch lotion that was scientifically formulated without steroids. The challenge was to launch an unknown startup OTC product into a crowded and highly competitive category. 


After an audit of the category we realized that the entire category followed certain norms. Packaging used threatening colors and the advertising had doctors mansplaining benefits. To disrupt this we designed packaging that used cool, soothing colors and produced a television commercial that was a parody of doctors talking down to people. The result? 5% market share in the first six months, which, in this category is significant. 



Roth Cheese makes a lot of different kinds of cheeses, but each one had its own brand and its own packaging. The challenge was to transform Roth from a house of brands to a branded house and in the process find a brand story that could unify the brand and make the brand more mentally available at deli. 


Roth's flavor profiles are all interesting and bolder than most cheeses. This led us to a story of that appealed to the adventurous food explorer. And while most cheese brands follow a creator archetype this allowed Roth to differentiate their story and appeal to the explorer. We redesigned the packaging to unify the look and launched creative that invited adventure and exploration. The foodie target ate it up (pardon the pun) and Roth gained a 24% increase in distribution.  



Koch Foods makes chicken nuggets for restaurants. They told us if you've had a chicken nugget almost anywhere, it's probably theirs. The challenge was to bring that fame to the B2C consumer market where they were completely unknown. In essence, this was a startup.  


This brand story was about the busy world parents live in. After a day of getting kids to school, to sports and to lessons of all types comes dinnertime and the challenge of getting a meal kids will eat on the table. This isn't about organic food. It's about busy moms putting something in their kids mouths. These moms saw themselves as the Hero archetype which positioned the brand in a differentiated position than the Caregiver competitive set.  



Remington grooming products had not done any advertising in years. The brand had sunk into such obscurity that Target was threatening to kick them off the shelves. They needed a bold rebrand. 


We needed to attract a younger millennial consumer and leverage in interesting consumer insight: they were tired of the grooming world forcing perfection on them. We wanted to make the brand stand for being your authentic self. To celebrate who you were, no matter what that is.  

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